Gas Stove Repair

Gas Stove Repair and Troubleshooting Tips

The local stove repair man addresses several common problems including burner problems.  When the burner fails to ignite or flame control is inconsistent, there are several things that can be causing the problem.  Here are some troubleshooting tips from the gas stove repair man:

Burners fail to light

Defective spark module

Worn ignition wire insulation causing the spark to ground before reaching the electrode

Bad valve switch causing ticking sound with no ignition

Poor flame control

Defective gas valve

There are two types of ignition for gas stove burners.  Older stoves use a standing pilot that burns constantly

Newer stoves use a spark igniter tat makes a ticking sound before igniting when the burner is turned on

Check the troubleshooting section of the service manual for troubleshooting tips and suggestions.  If further assistance is needed then call a qualified service technician to diagnose and repair the stove top. 

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